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Forging Hydraulic Press Is The Use Of What Technology For Pressure Processing

- Apr 18, 2017 -

Forging hydraulic press is the use of hydraulic transmission technology for pressure processing equipment, can be used to complete a variety of forging and press forming processing. Such as the forging of steel, the molding of metal structures, the pressing of plastic products and rubber products.

Forging hydraulic press is one of the earliest applications of hydraulic transmission machinery, the current hydraulic transmission has become the main form of pressure processing machinery. In heavy machinery manufacturing, aviation industry, plastics and non-ferrous metal processing industry, hydraulic press has become an important equipment. Hydraulic press system is based on the pressure conversion system, the system pressure, flow, power. Therefore, special attention should be paid to improve the efficiency of the original idea and to prevent the occurrence of shock and vibration pressure, to ensure safe and reliable.


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