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Forging Hydraulic Press Host Structure

- Apr 18, 2017 -

Commonly used host structure has a single arm type, double column type, four column type, on the move type, under the type of action, double cylinder cylinder and so on.

The advantages of the pull-down structure: the center of gravity is low, the upper part of the forging shaking small; machine fuel tank drive system are in the pit, therefore, can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire. However, the installation of the pit will increase the investment of the plant, the overall rack pull down, will increase the quality of sports part, energy consumption. Therefore, large tonnage hydraulic press (50MN above) should not use the rack pull-down structure. Small and medium-sized hydraulic press can develop two-column drop-down structure.

The traditional three-beam four-column structure, manufacturing, use, maintenance, maintenance are relatively simple and convenient. Small and medium-sized hydraulic press with inclined two-column is a very good structure. On the three-beam four-pole forging hydraulic press, and drop-down compared to its fire problem is a technical problem.

The choice of structure, mainly to consider the structure of the adaptability of the forging process, to facilitate the operation. Of course, manufacturing costs, durability, ease of maintenance, etc. is also very important.

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