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Forging Hydraulic Machine Transmission Mode Development Process

- Apr 18, 2017 -

The 9th century steam water press uses gravity accumulators and steam turbochargers. The twentieth century, the invention of high-power pumps, so that high-pressure container production possible, there has been a pump accumulator drive;

Since the 1970s, due to high-performance high-flow oil pump and its hydraulic components, PLC, touch screen, industrial computer and a variety of advanced measurement and control components into the industrial field, forging hydraulic press has been rapid development.

However, there is no fundamental change in the force of the hydraulic machine mainframe.

At present, the world's new manufacturing hydraulic press, has little water pump accumulator drive. The pump accumulator drive is equipped with a "valve-type" dispenser, "hydraulic relay" servo control, "servo valve" of the small handle control and "torque motor - servo solenoid valve" Far behind the modern "electro-hydraulic servo control of the two-way cartridge control" and "sinusoidal drive" of the "pump direct control" of the drive.

Now the PI-C, touch screen, industrial computer, electro-hydraulic servo and two-way cartridge valve system has been very mature. The use of these technologies can speed, pressure, the size of the activities of the beam to achieve precise control, it is easy to achieve forging hydraulic machine production automation.

The technical data show that the total efficiency of the hydraulic drive forging hydraulic system is 30%. 40%, the total efficiency of the pump direct drive forging hydraulic system is 50%. 60%. From the energy point of view. The latter is the energy-saving system, so the future should not build a pump station.

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