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What is open die forging?

- May 31, 2017 -

Forgoing process can be divided into open die forging and closed die forging. Forging is the process that can shape the metal by application the force. It can be realized when the metal is in cold or hot state but can not when it is in molten state. Open die forging is usually done by impacting a die onto a workpiece which is resting on a stable base. It is different from closed die forging in that the workpiece is not enclosed by the dies and the dies themselves are more like tools with simple shapes and profiles. 

Open die forging is a very important technique in manufacturing industries.  Rough and finishing shaping of metal can be allowed, for exampel, steel and steel alloys. Besides shaping the metal,  the open die forging process can serve many purposes, metal forging refines the grain of the metal, which increases strength and reducing porosity.  It also can improve the ability of the metal to respond to machining.  Compared with cast parts, forged metal parts have improved wear resistance and other mechanical properties. That is why many coantain lashing system need to be produced by open die forging process, such as container D rings, container lashing plates, hooks. Please refer to the following photos. 




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