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The use specification and matters need attention of the container D-ring

- Nov 23, 2017 -

The container D-ring can be used to hoist and assemble large work piece in the use process. Because of the large tonnage, complex shape, high value, multi-person cooperation and other factors,  the operation difficulty and risk coefficient are further improved. Therefore, the container D-ring should master the main point when sling the large work piece.

1. It is necessary to observe the shape condition of the container D-ring and master the centre-of-gravity position of the work piece, and confirm the weight of the work piece according to the drawings.

2. In the hoisting process, the wire rope sling such as rope, grab, shackle and so on should be selected correctly. When choosing the wire rope, the  single rope bears pulling force.

3. The lifting rings or lifting ears which are specially designed for the lifting of the work pieces should be carefully checked before operation, and should be added on all the rings.

4. The work piece itself has no rings, and the position of the cable point should be correctly selected. And align the hook head of the crane with the center of gravity of the work piece. Note that the included angle between the ropes should generally be less than 90 degrees.

5. The angle of the work piece passing by the rope must be protected by adding the angle bead. Before lifting, there should be a testing hanging, confirm the safety and then continue the next operation.

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