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The setting requirements and material selection of the motorbike fuel tank

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The motorbike fuel tank has the main and assistant oil outlet, controlled by a valve. Under normal conditions, the oil will be out from the main oil outlet. There will be an oil off plane. Once the oil in the tank is lower than this plane, the main oil outlet cannot get the oil from the tank. This time the valve will be switched to the assistant oil outlet, and get the oil from the bottom of the tank. The purpose of this design is to remind the driver that the oil in the tank is insufficient, which needs timely refueling.

In general, when the main oil outlet of the motorcycle tank cannot get oil, it needs to switch to the auxiliary oil outlet to use emergency refueling, so that the motorbike can be supported for another 30 - 50 km.

In the normal use of the motorbike, it is necessary to switch the oil outlet valve port, so as to avoid the use of only the main oil outlet.The motorbike tank bottom residual oil accumulation time is too long, the impurity precipitation will plug the secondary oil outlet. Once this situation happens, there will be oil in the tank, but switching to the assistant oil outlet will still be unable to start the vehicle.

The motorbike fuel tank is an important part for contain the fuel oil in the motorbike. The general shell will have the characteristics of large structure size and high tensile strength. Therefore, the requirements of motorbike fuel tank material and blank processing technology, precision, heat treatment and surface strengthening are very strict.

Generally, the choice of stainless steel for motorbike fuel tank is more common, while some high-quality motorbike fuel tank use the cold rolled stainless steel. In addition to the common stainless steel materials, there are motorcycle fuel tanks made of other materials, such as specially treated stainless iron, hot rolled iron, engineering plastics, and so on.

It can be said that motorbike fuel tank is a very important part of the motorcycle parts, because it is an important three-in-one part of safety-critical components, functional parts and appearance molding parts, especially for straddle type motorbike. The choice of good material is more important.

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