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The cleaning requirements and frost heaving method of the motorcycle fuel tank

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Motorcycle fuel tank is mainly made of thin steel sheet through stamping and seam welding.In order to prevent the corrosion of gasoline, the inner surface of the fuel tank will be sand blasted and enameled or phosphatized.

The top surface of the motorcycle fuel tank is equipped with an oiling port. There is a fuel tank cap with rubber band on the oiling port, and there is a small vent hole in the fuel tank cap, so that it can maintain the internal and atmospheric connection of the tank. The fuel tank will be cleaned for every 5000 - 6000 km.

The cleaning requirements of the motorcycle fuel tank

1.When cleaning the fuel tank, the tank must be removed. You need to unscrew the fixed bolts of the tank, then remove the tank, and then load a small amount of gasoline, shake the the fuel tank, to carry out impact cleaning. If the inwall of the tank has rusted, it can be packed into a small amount of iron sand or waste nuts to impact multiple times, and finally washed several times with gasoline until it is clean.

2.When cleaning, if there is oil leakage or oil infiltration, the tin solder or gas welding can be used to repair. Before welding, wash the oil tank several times with boiling water, and then dry it in the air and then weld it. Otherwise, due to the high temperature of welding, the remaining gasoline in the tank will burn, causing the tank explosion.

When the depressed area of the fuel tank is large, it can be repaired by frost heaving method.

You need to clean the gasoline in the fuel tank, remove the tank from the frame, wash it with water, turn off the tank switch, fill the tank with water and tighten the tank cover.

The fuel tank filled with water needs to be frozen in the freezer, and notice that the depressed area is slightly exposed to the freezing level. Frozen time can be long, generally after two or three hours, the depression can be restored.

When the depressed area of the fuel tank is small, it can be repaired by stretching method.

After the motorcycle fuel tank is restored to the original condition, the fuel tank needs to be removed from the freezing tank and washed with water  until the ice in the tank is completely dissolved, and the water in the tank is finally released. If the paint is removed from the tank, the paint can be painted according to the primary colors of the fuel tank. The fuel tank can be used after the paint is dry.

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