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Technical Requirements for Gear Forging

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Gear forging the standard requirements of the standard parts, there are non-standard parts, today Xiaobian and we talk about the forging plant gear forgins of the technical requirements, hope to explain the following, we can be harvested.

1. Gear forging allowance size must meet the national standard.

2. Gear forging in the forging to ensure a certain forging ratio, not the size of the round steel forging.

3. Do not use billet forged.

4. Gear forging material and parts of the material consistent with the chemical composition to meet national standards. And issued a single material.

5. To ensure that the normal forging temperature, can not be low temperature forging or burning.

6. Forging shape to be neat, uniform, not allowed to have a leather, broken and other forging defects.

7. Forging rough car after the need to do ultrasonic testing.

8. Forging after normalizing.

9. Forged parts with paint.

Gear forging

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