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Tanker in the process of driving the driver friends should pay attention to the problem:

- Apr 18, 2017 -

① tanker in the driving to check the work of the instrument;

② tanker in the drive to check whether the normal operation of the system;

③ tanker in the driving investigation, foot brake is not normal;

④ tanker in the driving to check the engine, chassis, tank body in the running and running with abnormal sound and abnormal smell;

⑤ use the parking time to do the following inspection work tanker: hand touch the front and rear wheel brake drum with or without overheating, check the tire, nut tightening, remove the tire pattern of inclusions, check for oil, , Leak, check the spring situation of the plate, the drive shaft bolts are loose, check the appearance of oil tankers and tanker pipe network system;

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