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Stainless Steel Forgings Characteristics and Manufacturing Processes

- Aug 09, 2017 -

On the forging product, how to know and understanding the stainless steel forgings? The following mainly through its basic aspects to carry out, such as its definition, characteristics, and manufacturing process, so that you can come to a good purpose, at least know what it is, and not in this regard is a blank.
What is stainless steel forgings? We usually apply a certain force on the material to make it plastic deformation, etc., to obtain the desired shape or size, thus achieving the desired processing effect. Some important parts need to be forged parts and are widely used.
1. Characteristics of stainless steel forgings
(1) Stainless steel forgings are generally made by forging processing, as this can improve the structure of the material and improve its mechanical properties. In particular, it can improve the compactness of the material organization and improve its plasticity and mechanical properties.
(2) We can ensure good performance and long service life of the work-piece by forging process. Moreover, compared with castings, there are some unique advantages.
2. Manufacturing process of stainless steel forgings
The manufacturing process of stainless steel forgings is forging. Also, there are different kinds of forging, such as hot forging and cold forging, as well as free forging and die forging. For the former, it is divided according to the deformation temperature, while the latter is divided according to the blank movement way.

Die forging: it can be divided into open type and closed type, which means that the metal billet is under pressure deformation in the forging mould with certain shape to obtain forgings.
Free forging: it is the pressure or impact force that causes the material to deform between the two anvil blocks to get the stainless steel forgings. It is in the specific kind, have manual and mechanical way, you can choose depend on the actual need.

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