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Motorcycle Fuel Tank

- Aug 16, 2017 -

There are a lot of important parts on motorcycles and the fuel tank is one of important parts in theses parts. So for this important components, we will know and understand them through some specific problem so that we know what it is, rather than know nothing of them.

1. What is the capacity of a motorcycle fuel tank? As well where will the fuel tank fixed on the motorcycle?

He capacity of motorcycle fuel tank is mainly related to the vehicle models, so,if it is pedal and curved beam type, the tank capacity is about 3 liters, if it is straddle type, the capacity is within the range of 10 to 15 liters. However, special circumstances should be considered separately.

As for the specific location of the fuel tank, it is also related to the type of vehicle, if it is pedal and curved beams type, they are in front of the driver's seat, if straddle type, the fuel tank is below the driver's seat.

2. How many oil ports does the motorcycle fuel tank need?

There are two oil outlet on the motorcycle,the main one and the vice one. In normal condition, the oil will get out of the main tank, when the oil level is lower the normal level, the oil will get out of the vice tank,emergency refueling in necessary at this time. In this way, the car can still be driven for a short distance, and at the same time, remind the driver that the vehicle should to be refueled.

3. How does the motorcycle fuel tank vent?

Motorcycle fuel tank need vent and this is also an important work,do not sloppy it, so we can not taken it lightly. As for how to vent it, it is simple, it can vent through the vent-hole on the tank cover. For different models, the location and shape of the vent is different, so, at this point, you should pay attention to, can not go wrong.

motorcycle fuel tank

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