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Lifting ring forging process characteristics

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Currently in the loading and unloading industry, often use a variety of different series of its Central. One of the more common long ring, pear-shaped ring, ring, ring son, butterfly buckle, high-strength chain, such as round. In the production of these products, mainly forging process is completed. In other words, the so-called lifting ring forging is made of high quality alloy steel forging molding, heat treatment of the whole quenched and tempered.


With the continuous improvement of the technical level, lifting ring forging process has been significantly improved, so to a higher strength, lighter weight, more simple and convenient operation, service in the loading and unloading industry. At present, the product can be mainly used for lifting and lifting of various trades and industries such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railway, chemical industry, port, mine and construction. Or with the chain, double buckle, wire rope, hook and other accessories used together.


The so-called lifting ring forging, in fact, in the process, the main metal is to exert some external force, so that it produces plastic deformation. This allows not only to change the shape and size of the blank, but also to improve its internal structure and mechanical properties, resulting in a shape, size and performance of the blank or part.


Under normal circumstances, the lifting ring forging after forming, in order to further improve its performance, but also need to heat treatment, so that it has a higher strength. In contrast, the lifting ring obtained through this process is not only more powerful, but also more durable, can carry a greater load, the user can rest assured that the use.


In summary, the lifting ring forging process, first of all, to exert a certain force on the metal material to produce a certain deformation, but also can improve its mechanical properties, resulting in the use of components to meet the requirements. After heat treatment and then, making the lifting ring forging parts to further improve performance.

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