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How to clean the motorcycle fuel tank it

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Motorcycle fuel tank is an important motorcycle parts, the components can provide the necessary vehicle power support. So in daily use, do a good job of motorcycle fuel tank cleaning and maintenance is very important. Normally, the part is made of sheet steel stamping seam, so the interior is coated with a rust-preventive coating.


However, these rust-proof coatings may come off as the service life is extended, and rust may be generated inside the motorcycle fuel tank. Although there is a filter at the outlet of the tank, the carburetor has an inlet screen that filters out some of the larger particles and the generated rust may be broken down into fine powder and will still enter To the carburetor. Over time, it is bound to cause precipitation and blockage.


If you do not promptly clean up, then it will lead to poor supply of oil and other anomalies. So, how to clean it? First, you should dismantle the motorcycle fuel tank before removing it. In this case, you should first unscrew the fixing bolts on the fuel tank and then remove the fuel tank. After a small amount of gasoline can be loaded, repeatedly shaking the tank repeatedly shock cleaning. If the fuel tank wall is rusty, then should be installed in a small amount of iron sand or waste nut impact back and forth several times, and finally washed with gasoline several times until it is clean.


In addition, in the inspection process, if you see the motorcycle fuel tank there is also the problem of leakage, you need to use gas welding or soldering tin. Remember, before welding repair should first use the water to flush the tank several times, then wait until after drying can be welding repair, so as not to cause the fuel tank residual gas burning, causing the fuel tank explosion, causing an accident.


In addition to these issues of attention, you also need to remove the motorcycle fuel tank switch for cleaning. It is recommended to use a brush to clean the dirt on the filter. Do not wipe the fuel tank switch parts, or the motorcycle fuel tank wall, or it may cause blockage of the carburetor.

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