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Honda motorcycle fuel tank structure

- Apr 12, 2018 -

Honda motorcycle fuel tank not only needs to meet the function of storing fuel, but also has been an important part of vehicle design. For a long time, there have been high demands on the surface quality and appearance of Honda motorcycle tanks.


Under normal circumstances, the main structural components of the Honda motorcycle fuel tank include: tank body, fuel tank cap, oil level sensor and fuel switch. The 3D modeling of the upper body of the fuel tank and the lower body of the fuel tank is the main content of fuel tank modeling.


In order to ensure the appearance quality requirements, different methods can be used when establishing the connecting surface model of the Honda motorcycle fuel tank. There are two general methods for generating a connection surface:


The first method is called the chamfering method. That is, when establishing the Honda motorcycle fuel tank connection surface model, the intersection line of the two curved surfaces that need to be connected is used as the guide wire, and chamfering is performed with equal radius or variable radius. In this way, you also need to determine the tangent edge in advance, adjust the change in the surface shape by adjusting the value of the chamfer radius, and approach the measurement data. By controlling the smoothness and trend of the intersecting lines, the quality of the chamfered surfaces can be effectively controlled.


By comparison, this approach is easier to implement. The other is called direct modeling. Establish Honda motorcycle fuel tank connection surfaces with boundary constraints. To achieve a smooth connection between the surface patches, first of all to ensure that there is a common edge between the connecting surface, the more important point is to ensure that the control line connection of the surface patches to be smooth, which is necessary to ensure the smooth connection of the surface sheet condition.


When using this method to establish the connecting surface of the Honda motorcycle fuel tank, the curvature of the starting point and the end point of the control line can be modified so that the curvature or the tangent line can be guaranteed at the contact point. This method requires repeated adjustments to the Honda motorcycle fuel tank's continuous boundaries and control lines.

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