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Honda motorcycle auxiliary fuel tank structure

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Speaking of Honda motorcycle auxiliary fuel tank soft connection, refers to the general riding car fuel tank is irregularly shaped, this time also should pay attention to considering the need on the shock, the tank will basically use three Soft way to connect directly to the frame above, because it is a soft connection, shaking hands around the fuel tank allows a sense of swing, many newbies do not know that Honda motorcycle auxiliary tank is not installed securely.


Because, on the Honda motorcycle auxiliary fuel tank during installation and connection, to ensure its solidity in the installation time, so that, even if it is a soft connection, when shaking the fuel tank by hand, it will not appear Dynamic.


After Honda motorcycle auxiliary fuel tank for the dead space, a large part of the internal structure of the fuel tank is basically the middle of the formation of a ridge, this time will be divided into two tanks around the space, when the tank full of oil When there is no difference, this time is to pay attention to the oil level is low to a certain extent (below the protruding ridge), the oil inside the oil distribution in the narrow space on both sides.


Use spare switch to run out of fuel automatically when the vehicle is off, we must think that there is no oil, but this time we shake the tank, then you can feel there is a little gasoline, the gasoline is distributed in the space inside the tank dead The remaining oil, the actual use of motorcycles, do not underestimate the point of this remaining oil, and sometimes to protect you from the pain of the cart.


In detail, Honda motorcycle auxiliary fuel tank on this space dead, is one day we are only 1-2 km from the gas station, and run out of spare oil, do not worry, hand holding the motorcycle try to the left Dumping, and should pay attention to keep shaking, the Honda motorcycle auxiliary fuel tank on the dead space within the dead oil shift to move the oil switch near, then 1-2 km can also travel.

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