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Forging operation

- Apr 18, 2017 -

"Giant heavy forging operation equipment" was successfully developed and passed the acceptance of experts, to fill our large-scale forging machine technology in the field of blank.

The project belongs to the national 863 project advanced manufacturing areas of the subject, by China's first heavy machinery joint-stock company. Through bitter research, has successfully developed the first domestic 4000KNM forging operation machine, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. The 4000KNM forging operation machine has been successfully tested and has been put into the production of large forgings, completed 11 categories of more than 30 kinds of forging precision forging. China in the field of large-scale forging machine technology, long-term foreign monopoly, China's urgent need for independent intellectual property rights of the giant heavy forging operation equipment. 4000KNM forging operation machine will greatly enhance the successful development of China's large forgings products manufacturing quality, environmental protection, can significantly reduce costs and shorten the cycle. Is a large-scale forging industry, large-scale forging technology transformation and technological upgrading of the important signs of the future will be nuclear power, shipbuilding, aerospace and other fields play an important role.

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