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Forging for preparation

- Apr 18, 2017 -

Die forging forging die, composed of two modules from top to bottom, mold chamber 4 is the working part of forging die, the upper and lower mold half. With the dovetail and wedge 1, 2 fixed in the hammer anvil and table; and to lock 3 or guide column guide to prevent the upper and lower module dislocation. The metal blank is deformed in the shape of the bore.

Forging for the process for the blank, pre-forging and final forging The die for the forging die is determined by the size, shape, and margin of the forging. Die forging for the general split die forging and closed forging two kinds: open forging die cavity around the burr slot 5, after the formation of excess metal into the tank, and finally cut the edge; closed forging only at the end of a small Of the burr, if the blank is accurate, can not be burr.

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