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Forging Diesel Engine Crankshaft Blank Heat Treatment Process

- Jan 03, 2018 -

With the continuous development of automobile industry, the crankshaft production of forged diesel engine in our country has been greatly developed to a certain extent. The crankshaft of forged diesel engine in our country is not only the design level, but also the product variety, quality, production scale and production mode Have rapid development.

Forged diesel engine crankshaft is the engine crankshaft in the engine is to withstand load transmission power of the important components in the engine is also used in the five components of the most difficult to ensure the quality of processing parts and components, the performance level will have a direct impact on the performance of the machine Level and reliability.

Forged diesel engine crankshaft which non-quenched and tempered steel with its excellent performance, low cost and other advantages of much. Its application on the crankshaft has been formally incorporated into the standard, a forged steel crankshaft development trend. Non-quenched and tempered steel is a medium carbon steel based on the addition of a variety of trace alloying elements, the mechanical properties depend on the strengthening of the matrix microstructure and precipitation phase. This type of steel in hot-rolled, forging, normalizing mechanical properties close to or reach the level of mechanical properties of the general state of conditioning.

Forging diesel engine crankshaft process

Blanking - Heating - Roll Forging - Preforming - Final forging - Trimming - Twisting - Correction

During the heating process of forged diesel engine crankshaft material, it is carried out in a continuous induction furnace with medium frequency induction. When it is used, the material is effectively heated to 1150 ± 50 ℃. Compared with the traditional oil heating, the operation not only simplifies the operation, It also solves a series of problems such as unstable heating temperature, uneven heating of the billet, overheating and overheating, high heat consumption of the material and unfavorable environmental protection.

Forging diesel engine crankshaft rough heat treatment

Diesel crankshaft rough heat treatment is to determine the crankshaft mechanical properties of the key processes, continuous work of normalizing, quenching, tempering units in the heat treatment process is more and more widely used, and gradually replace the box furnace, so that heat treatment heating temperature stability, to ensure the material machinery Performance and metallographic indicators, and greatly improve production efficiency.

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