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Forged U-shaped metal parts of the field of processing

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Forged U-shaped clip A U-shaped clip device that, when used in operation, includes a clip main housing and a cover that covers the wire clip housing, and the means for forging the clevis further includes means A pressure pad in the housing for compressing the wire, and an adjustment assembly for adjusting the pressure of the pressure pad.

Forging the U-shaped clip belongs to the field of its new hardware processing, due to the workpiece is generally IOmm below, itself is relatively small, often appear slow clamping (clamping time will often take up to one-third of the entire product processing time ), Manual clamping is not in place and other phenomena, resulting in lower production efficiency, product failure rate remains high; In addition, the operator when loading and unloading, the workpiece is easy to get rid of waste into the debris, not easy to find.

The forging clevis device comprises a blanking fixture, a clamping fixture, a knife holder, a pushing rod and a cylinder. The blanking fixture forms a positioning groove along the length direction. The blanking fixture is arranged on the fixture fixture, and the connection A circular sleeve is formed, the knife holder is connected with the clamping fixture, the circular sleeve penetrates through the holding fixture and the knife holder, the pushing rod is arranged in the circular sleeve, and is connected with the cylinder phase United

The cylinder forging the clevis is provided on the base by the cylinder fixing piece. Seat, holding fixture are fixed on the base. The fixed body and the movable body are connected through a transmission mechanism, the interchangeable jaws are arranged on the movable body, the application of the utility model is to improve the production efficiency, the clamping work piece is reduced from the original 2 minutes to 5 seconds, and the product is reduced Production costs, reducing the labor intensity of the operator.

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