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Die forging classification

- Apr 18, 2017 -

According to the different equipment, forging for the hammer on the die forging, crank press forging, forging die forging, friction press [1] forging and so on. Hammer on the forging for the use of equipment for the forging hammer, usually for the air forging hammer, the shape of the complex forging, the first in the blank mold cavity in the initial shape, and then forging die cavity forging. According to the forging die structure classification: forging die to accommodate excess metal burr groove, called open forging; the other, forging die does not accommodate excess metal burr, known as closed die forging. Formed directly from the original billet, called single mold forging. For the shape of the complex forging, in the same forging die need to go through a number of steps of the preform, known as multi-mode bore forging. [1] 

Precision die forging is developed on the basis of die forging, can forge some complex shapes, high dimensional accuracy of the parts, such as: bevel gears, blades, aviation parts and so on.

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