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Container extension rod performance introduction

- Mar 30, 2018 -

The production process of container extension rod is relatively sophisticated. In actual processing, not only chromium plating on its surface, but also anti-oxidation technology is used to make it have extremely strong anti-corrosion performance to prolong its service life. At the same time, in terms of design, the container extension rod adopts a telescopic connecting rod design. The material quality requirements are extremely stringent, thus making the support more powerful and ensuring that the deformation will not occur for a long time.


In addition, the appearance quality of container extension rod products is also more stringent. After a special process, the surface is bright, uniform, stylish, stain resistant and easy to clean.


At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of different users, container extension rod products include a variety of specifications. If there are special requirements, they can be designed and processed according to user requirements, including related connectors. We can also design and process according to customer's requirements (connection size, stroke, lift).


Because of the strict management of all aspects of production, the container extension rods we produce are not only stable in performance, but also stable in operation. And beautiful appearance, welcome to buy. The product can provide assistance and support, as well as a variety of industrial applications that require cushioning or shock absorption. A variety of connector styles are available.


The main features of container extension rod products are: full buffer, silent trip, stable performance and long life. A variety of specifications, for users to choose. Container extension rods are simple in shape, easy to install, and superior in texture.

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