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Aluminum market conditions: aluminum processing will usher in a new spring

- Apr 18, 2017 -

"China's aluminum processing industry will usher in a new spring." In July 11th held at 2016 China International Aluminum Processing Forum, China Aluminum Corporation party members, deputy general manager, president of China Aluminum Corporation Ao Hong told reporters in an interview, Chinalco in the transformation and upgrading of the road, is full speed to the front of the industrial chain and the high-end value chain.

"Aluminum from a simple production-oriented enterprises to the production and operation of enterprises to change.We not only continue to increase efforts in the business, but also to carry out capital operation, enhance the value of assets; not only pegged to production, but also to expand the market" Ao Hong said that China Aluminum is in accordance with the established strategic objectives of the smooth progress of the first half of this year, the Group achieved operating profit of 330 million yuan, made the past five years the best half-year performance, turn the work of the end of the results, Up and down for the full 2016 full year full of confidence in the task. Ao Hong said that with the aluminum demand in the downstream application market increased, the development of enterprises within the industry will be differentiated, for the industry, resources, technology, talent, equipment and other advantages of the aluminum company, will be a homeopathic Of the period. In addition, thanks to the innovative use of "addition and subtraction multiplication and division" comprehensive means, aluminum, whether internal control level, asset quality, or the status of cadres and employees, have significantly improved. For the aluminum, it has always been "against the current sailing, no way back" mentality tighten the market this string, around the main industry, grasp the supply side of structural reform and industrial depth adjustment of the important opportunity to build an internationally competitive world First-class enterprises, to achieve the Chinese dream, a new chapter in the aluminum.

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