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Advantages of agricultural diesel forgings

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Agricultural Diesel Engine Forgings is a kind of power machinery, which can be used as a large diesel engine. The forging has the main journal, connecting rod, piston rod, crankshaft flange output end shaft, cylinder head, crosshead pin , Crankshaft drive gear, the middle gear more than 10 species.

Forgings for agricultural diesel engines are articles in which the metal is pressurized and, in use, is plastically deformed by it to create the desired shape and suitable compressive force by using a hammer or its pressure. The forging process builds an elaborate Particle structure, and improve the physical properties of the metal. In the actual use of components, a correct design allows particles to flow in the direction of the main pressure.

Each piece of agricultural diesel forgings is identical, without any porosity, inclusions or other imperfections. This method produces components with a high ratio of intensity to weight. Forgings have the advantage of extensible length; retractable length, extensible cross-section, changeable length, changeable cross-section.

Agricultural diesel engine forgings are connected to the hose joint, the applicable working pressure of the corresponding rubber hose is 25 bar, the working pressure of the aluminum casing joint is 16 bar, the sealing gasket is polyurethane, the stainless steel joint gasket is the polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE male threaded sleeve One end of the male thread, the other end assembly forged aluminum pipe clamp.

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